Bromeliads add_color_to_landscape._150x150Success with Bromeliads

Saturday, January 9, 2016 @ 10AM - FREE
Instructor:  Dan Weis, Professional Bromeliad Grower

Bromeliads are admired for their colorful foliage and stunning, unique blooms.  They are fantastic, low maintenance plants for adding a tropical flair to gardens and landscapes.  Dan Weis has more than 25 years of experience collecting, growing and propagating bromeliads in SW Florida.  Dan will discuss the various bromeliad cultivars and their respective flowering habits.   He will review the water, fertilizer, and maintenance requirements for successfully growing healthy plants.  He will demonstrate which cultivars can be grown in the sun versus those that will require more shade.  He will also demonstrate how to remove the offset pups and propagate new plants.

Reservations are suggested. Email a space reservation at or call 239-693-5555.

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