Bromeliads add_color_to_landscape._150x150Success with Bromeliads

Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 10AM - FREE
Instructor:  Kathy Lockwood, Lee County Master Gardener

Kathy Lockwood, Lee County Master Gardener and bromeliad enthusiast, will instruct a class on growing bromeliads.  Bromeliads, with their colorful foliage and stunning, unique blooms, are wonderful, low maintenance plants for gardens and landscapes. Kathy will teach class attendees how to identify bromeliads that can be grown in the sun versus those that will require more shade.  She will also discuss how to care for the bromeliads; including how to plant and water them and what type of fertilizer to use.  Bromeliads produce many offset pups and Kathy will demonstrate how to remove them and successfully propagate new plants. 

Reservations are suggested. Email a space reservation at or call 239-693-5555.

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