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Creating Stunning Container Gardens

Saturday, June 23, 2018 FREE

Instructor:  Vince Molnar, Riverland Nursery Owner

Container gardening can be an incredibly creative, engaging activity!  With an abundance of containers to choose from, it is simple to create beautiful designs that complement your landscape. A striking container can provide the setting for a stunning display of unique plants to create a strong visual draw. They can be particularly useful for creating curb appeal, a dramatic entryway, interest to a pool area, and can provide privacy around sitting areas.


Vince Molnar, Riverland Nursery Owner, will conduct the class. Vince will showcase a number of different containers from Riverland's extensive selection, and will focus on three main types of containers - Vietnamese, Mexican, and composite.  He will be showcasing different types of containers and discussing the benefits of each.  Vince will then demonstrate container gardening basics such as, "Thriller, Filler, and Spiller," and will discuss maintenance and care.  Come equipped with your creativity, as we will be sharing ideas!


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Maple tree 5 600x800Hardy Plants for Wet Areas

Saturday, July 21 @ 10 am - FREE
Instructor: Vince Molnar, Riverland Nursery Owner


Our copious Southwest Florida summer rains can create areas of sitting water in low and poorly drained areas, making it very difficult for most plants to thrive or even survive.  Vince will conduct a new class on determining how to assess and correct some of these challenging areas.  There are many great plants and trees that can withstand these conditions. Vince will demonstrate excellent plant options for wet areas and lead a tour of our "wet area" demonstration garden.


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Introduction to Florida Friendly Landscapes

Saturday, Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 10 a.m.  -  FREE

Instructor: Donna Cressman, Riverland Nursery Associate

We are fortunate to have Donna Cressman as one of our seasoned associates.  Donna has extensive knowledge of Florida native plants and how to incorporate them into our gardens and landscapes.  Donna will introduce class participants to Florida friendly and native shrubs and trees that require lower inputs of irrigation and fertilizer, less maintenance, and attract wildlife.
These wonderful plants deserve your attention when designing your landscapes and gardens.   She will discuss their growth habits, water and care requirements, and the best ways to incorporate them into a landscape design. 

If you are interested in creating a garden which requires less time, money and effort, this is the class for you!  You will be rewarded with a delightful garden that provides fragrance, song birds, butterflies, beauty and the knowledge that you are being a better steward of your small piece of paradise.

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Creating a Habitat for Birds
Saturday, July 28 @ 10:00 am - FREE
Donna Cressman, Lee County Master Gardener


Riverland Nursery will host “Creating a Habitat for Birds,” a free class conducted by Donna Cressman Donna is a Lee County Master Gardener. The importance of attracting birds to our urban and suburban landscapes is often overlooked. Birds play a vital role in our sensitive eco-systems not to mention the beauty and pleasure derived from watching and listening to them from our gardens. Donna will make a list of suggested plants to assist in creating these habitats. Many of these plants can be seen in Riverland’s demonstration gardens and are available for sale.



Reservations are suggested, please click here to register.


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