Having spent the last month in Minnesota, I am obsessed with taking pictures of beautiful landscapes in the area.  There are dozens of varieties of Hostas on display in nearly every beautiful yard.


Hostas are one of the plants I thought we couldn't grow in Florida.  However, several years ago the "Sun Hosta" was introduced for gardens in South Florida and I can attest to the fact that we do indeed have a hosta for our area.


The sun hosta can take full sun, however, I think it does prefer some filtered sun or half day sun.  It has variegated strappy leaves and it blooms with tall white flowers during the summer.  If the winters are cold it may go dormant but it will start growing again in the spring.


Sun Hosta

The beautiful sun hosta grows well in South Florida.


Hostas in a Minnesota Garden

This front yard in Minnesota has a stunning display of hostas and other flowers.