Banana Shrub

Banana Shrub

Gardens and landscapes designed with interesting combinations of plants and trees with beautiful flowers, textures, and shapes are immediately appreciated because of their visual beauty.  When fragrant plants are included in the garden design they add an extra bonus because they can be enjoyed even when they are not seen.

Fragrant plants have a subtle way of getting one’s attention.  After catching a waft of a plant’s aroma, people frequently will go out of their way to examine and smell it.   One favorite plant for fragrance is the brunfelsia ‘lady of the night’.  We have several of them planted in our landscape and the fragrance they provide, particularly in the evening, is amazing.  Neighbors walking down the sidewalk frequently stop and ask us about the fragrance in our yard.

Placing a fragrant plant near a lanai or patio adds to the pleasure of entertaining and/or relaxing there.  People also like to plant them near walkways to the front door for their own and their visitors’ enjoyment.

We are fortunate to have many fragrant plants that grow very well in our area.  Some favorite flowering plants for fragrance are:  jasmine, sweet acacia, banana shrub, tea olive, fiddlewood, sweet almond, angel’s trumpet, Carolina Jessamine, gardenia, lady of the night, citrus, Simpson’s stopper, plumeria and michelia alba (Joy perfume tree). There are also plants that have fragrant leaves such as: bay rum, allspice, Florida anise, and wax myrtle.

Lady of the Night is a favorite for fragrance.

Lady of the Night

Joy Perfume Tree Flower

Michelia 'alba' Joy Perfume Flower