Drip Irrigation SystemLow Water Irrigation Systems

Most irrigation systems in Florida homes and businesses use rotor and pop-up mist heads. These are characterized by high levels of evaporation meaning that much of the water doesn’t effectively reach the plant and its root system. Drip irrigation systems use flexible tubing with drip holes that deliver the water directly to the roots eliminating the problem of evaporation. This system is so efficient that drip systems are exempted from SW Florida Water Management’s recent and current water restrictions.

Riverland Nursery has created a partnership with Paraisso, Inc. a leading designer and installer of state-of-the-art irrigation systems in SW Florida to businesses and homes.

New, low-volume overhead irrigation systems have been introduced to use less water to more efficiently irrigate plant material.

Contact us for any additional information you may need to create an efficient irrigation system tailored to your specific application.

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