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Shade plants are among nature’s most beautiful and striking plants. Many of these can tolerate varying amounts of sunlight. We have a great selection of cool and unique shade-loving plants that can bring interest to your landscape.

Great Color Plant Options for Medium Shade

Definition of Shade:

Partial Shade – 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight per day; most sun loving plants will do well in these conditions

Medium Shade – Less than 2 hours of direct sunlight per day; conditions such as under large Oak trees

Heavy Shade – No direct sun

These are just a sample of some great plant options to bring some color, texture, and interest to shadier areas. 

Ground Cover: Blue Daze, Coral Bells, Dwarf Chenille, Bromeliad

Small Plants/Shrubs: Anthurium, Agapanthus, Aloe, Aglanoma, Asiatic Jasmine, Caladium, Cordyline, Draceana Colorama, Cranberry Penta, various Begonia, Reed Stem ground orchid, Dwarf Powderpuff, Spathoglottis ground orchid, Dwarf Alocasia Odora, Dwarf Tibouchina, Butterfly Alamanda; Sonoma Crown of Thorns; various Iris such as Giant Regina and African, Purple Queen, Lilies such as Blackberry and Flax, long-lived annuals such as Sunpatients, Stoplight Pilea, Artillery Fern.

Larger Shrubs: Variegated Arbicola, Dracaena Reflexa, Ti Plants, Heliconia, Jamaican Croton, Variegated Ginger, Red Firespike, Brunsfelsia Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (YTT), Starburst, Crape Jasmine, Azalea, Heliconia, Panama Rose, Croton, King’s Mantle, Sanchezia, Shrimp Plants

Tree: Turk’s Cap, Angel’s Trumpet

Vines: Blue Sky Vine, Dutchman’s Pipe, Queen’s Wreath, Hawaiin Sunset, Tropical Bleeding Heart, Confederate Jasmine

Come and see our expansive selection of great shade plants to find what will look best in your garden!




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