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Lanai Plants

Great Lanai Plants

Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 10 a.m.  FREE

Instructor:  Vince Molnar, Riverland Nursery Owner

It's wonderful to open our patio doors and spend time relaxing and eating in our screened lanai areas. Are you interested in learning how to create a lush, tropical sanctuary that starts inside the lanai and extends to the exterior garden that surrounds your private, personal space? Vince will discuss great plant options for lanai interiors and how to enhance the lanai experience by extending the tropical ambiance to the exterior surrounding area.

His discussion will include evaluating the area for sun, shade, irrigation, desirable plant height and width; and how to select plants that will be less likely to litter the pool or lanai area with leaves and petals. He will also discuss how to help the plants thrive by using the appropriate fertilizer, care and maintenance.

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Giant Swallowtail_CaterpillarButterfly Gardening in Summer

Saturday, September 29, 2018 @ 10 am - FREE
Instructor: Donna Cressman, Lee County Master Gardener

Riverland Nursery will host a free workshop about how to create a garden to attract and retain butterflies throughout the summer months.  Donna Cressman is a Riverland Associate and a Master Gardener in Lee County with experience and expertise in butterflies and palm trees, and she will lead the workshop.


Donna will share ideas and information about how to start a butterfly garden, which plants are best suited for specific butterflies, how to keep them in your gardens, and more.  She will focus on care and maintenance during the hot summer months.  A large selection of larval host and nectar plants will be available for sale.

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Arikury Palm 2 960x1280 600x800Beautiful and Unique Palms

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 @ 10am - FREE
Instructor: Donna Cressman, Riverland Nursery Associate


Join Donna Cressman, Master Gardener, Riverland Nursery Veteran Associate, and our resident Palm Pro as she showcases some of the coolest, unique palm trees you'll find!  Donna will talk about Teddy Bear palms, Arikury palms, Florida Key Thatch palms, King Alexander palms, and many more.  Florida has no shortage of incredible palm trees, but unfortunately we see three or four varieties used very commonly throughout our landscapes.  This class is meant to broaden your knowledge of the variety of palms available to you, and how you can integrate them into your landscape to add dynamic interest.  Palm care and maintenance will also be discussed, as well as a review of common palm tree diseases and how you can combat them. 


Reservations are suggested and can be made online by clicking here.

houseLandscape Design Basics

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 at 10 a.m. - FREE

Instructor:  Vince Molnar, Riverland Nursery Owner

Vince Molnar, Riverland Nursery Owner, will discuss basic landscape design concepts as well as unique plants that look their best in our cooler months. Vince will recommend plants that are ideal to install during the fall months, and will discuss care and maintenance.  This class is intended to provide a useful starting point for those wishing to improve their landscapes and to solve challenges such as enhancing curb appeal, creating privacy, trees to establish shade and beauty, attracting birds, and reducing physical plant maintenance. 


His discussion will include assessing drainage, soil, shade versus sun, irrigation, measuring areas, landscape bed layout, and much more.  He will also explain how to evaluate plants to ensure that you select 'the right plant for the right place'.

Reservations are suggested, and can be made online by clicking here.

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