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Riverland is constantly searching for items that can help to bring interest and personality to our gardens. We have found a craftsman who hand-makes beautiful arbors and swings out of treated wood intended to last for many years.

His arbors and swings are tough, handsome and reasonably priced. We've been demonstrating these arbors and swings in our gardens and they are great! Use an arbor to plant pretty vines to provide some shade and to welcome guests to your garden. Come and sit on one of our swing and arbor sets, and enjoy the view to our butterfly garden.

We also have a large selection of unique, handmade trellis and arbors made of high quality aluminum to prevent rust. Handmade garden art is also available as well as concrete benches and tables.

Royal Poinciana

Great Trees

Trees and palms can have an enormous and wonderful impact on our landscapes and gardens. Shade trees can reduce ambient temperatures and energy bills. Specimen and ornamental trees can add interest, color, and texture. Fragrant trees can make garden experiences even more enjoyable.

Palm trees can add a dramatic and tropical appearance to our landscapes. There are many hardy palms that many of our customers have never been exposed to. Many of these are quite unique and hard to find. Some of these include the Alexander, Bottle, Buccaneer, Dioon Edule & Spinulosum, European Fan, Florida Thatch, Foxtail, Hurricane, Montgomery, Pindo, and Spindle.

Riverland has a great selection of hardy and unique and trees that are comfortable with our SW Florida environment. Many of these should be used more in our landscapes. We have planted many examples of some of our favorite trees include Allspice, Avocado, Bay Rum, Carambola, Dahoon & East Palatka Holly, Dwarf Poinciana, Golden Rain, Guava, Ipe Tabebuia, Japanese Blueberry, Japanese Fern, Joy Perfume, Lychee, Mahogany, Mango, Mulberry, Olive, Pigeon Plum, Sapote, Verawood, Weeping Bottlebrush, Weeping Podocarpus, Yellow Poinciana and more.

Come and visit our three acres of beautiful demonstration gardens to see what these wonderful trees actually look like. 

Mexican Flame_Vine__2800x600


Vines can be very useful in our landscapes. They can bring color to an outside wall, cover an arbor or pergola, bring interest and privacy to a fence, attract butterflies and even introduce fragrance to the garden.

Riverland has gathered an exceptional variety of vines, many of which are unusual and difficult to find. We have several interesting and very cool vines growing in our demonstration gardens and along our fences.

Some of our favorites include: Blue Sky, Black-eyed Susan, Chalice, Coral Honeysuckle, Costa Rican Butterfly, Dutchman's Pipe, Florida Flame, Hawaiin Sunset, Japanese Honeysuckle, Mexican Flame, Rangoon Creeper, Passion Fruit, Thryallis, Tropical Bleeding Heart, and Wild Allamanda.


Angel Mist_Bamboo_600x800


We have grown to appreciate non-running (Clumping) bamboo as an exceptionally useful and attractive plant choice, providing unique beauty and great privacy. Clumping bamboo grow vertically to reach their full height in just a few years.

Bamboo is hardy and requires little maintenance once established. Some of our favorite cold tolerant and non-running varieties include Angel Mist, Asian Lemon, Blue Chungii, Black Timor, Dwarf Buddha Belly, Gideon's Blue, Graceful Bamboo, and Seabreeze.

We are testing several newer bamboo varieties in our bamboo garden. We are especially excited about Sacred Bali which is considered one of the world's most beautiful bamboo; boniopsis and subtrancuta, which have a very dense form and stay small; black diamond which is a beautiful smaller black bamboo; Malay variegated bamboo with beautiful foliage, Ying Yang and emerald with a beautiful erect form and pretty canes.

We have an extensive selection of bamboo in various sizes. Come and see our bamboo garden, with bamboo hedges and beautiful specimen bamboo to learn why we believe the use of bamboo will increasingly be found in the coolest SW Florida landscapes!

Succulents Nursery

Succulent Garden

Succulents include a large class of unique plants including Agave, Aloe, Cacti, Kalanchoe, Pachypodium, Yucca, Senecio, and other varieties. 

Riverland has a great succulent garden to show our visitors how striking and useful these easy, low-input plants can be.

Our favorites include the Giant False Agave, Grey Ghost Cactus, Coral Senecio, Spineless Yucca, and the Elephant Bust.

The Vietnamese_snowflake_gardenia__blooms_off_and_on_all_year_and_has_a_lighter_fragrance_than_some_of_the_other_cultivars._1280x960

Fragrance in the Garden

Gardens with interesting combinations of plants and trees that have colorful, beautiful flowers and contrasting textures and shapes are immediately appreciated because of their visual beauty.  When fragrant plants are included in the garden design they add an extra bonus because they can be enjoyed even when they are not seen.

Riverland carries a large selection of wonderful, fragrant plants that grow well in SW Florida's semi-tropical climate. Some favorite flowering plants for fragrance are:  jasmine, sweet acacia, banana shrub, tea olive, fiddlewood, sweet almond, angel’s trumpet, Carolina Jessamine, Miami supreme gardenia, Vietnamese snowflake gardenia, Tahitian gardenia, brunfelsia 'lady of the night', Simpson’s stopper, plumeria and michelia alba (Joy perfume tree).  There are also plants with fragrant leaves such as: bay rum, allspice, Florida anise, and wax myrtle.


Gardens and landscapes designed with interesting combinations of plants and trees with beautiful flowers, textures, and shapes are immediately appreciated because of their visual beauty.  When fragrant plants are included in the garden design they add an extra bonus because they can be enjoyed even when they are not seen.


scotch bonnet pepper

Edible Plants

Our customers are often amazed to learn that we can successfully grow wonderful edible plants such as Apple, Avocado, Barbados Cherry, Blacberry, Carambola (starfruit), Grumachama (Brazilian plum), Grape, Guava, Longam, Lychee, Macademia nut, Mango, Mulberry, Olive, Passion fruit, Persimmon, Raspberry, Sapote, Strawberry tree, and many more. We have a beautiful and expansive Tropical Fruit garden to allow our guests to stroll through and see how lovely these edible plants are, not to mention what they taste like!

Many of our edible plants grow to become lovely trees that can provide interest, shade, and of course food!

Riverland carries some unique and delicious plants. We have sought the best growers of edible plants throughout the state with plants viable for our local climate and growing conditions. Come and see why edible plants are increasingly being included in many of our gardens and landscape! 

Containers 800x600

Container Gardening

Container gardening can be an important part of gardens and landscapes. A striking container can provide the setting for a stunning display of unique plants to create a strong visual draw. They can be particularly useful for creating curb appeal; a dramatic entryway; interest to a pool area, and to provide privacy around sitting areas.

Riverland carries a nice selection of containers from various manufacturers from all over the world. We really like the Vietnamese containers which are some of the highest quality containers made anywhere.

We purchase new containers throughout the year on a regular basis. Come and see what's new and check for upcoming container gardening classes.

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