These are just a few of our favorite plants that we have found to be very useful and successful in our SW Florida landscapes and gardens.  We try to keep an ample supply of these at the nursery and order of them routinely from our growers throughout the Florida.


Featured Plants

  • Rainbow Eucalyptus

    Rainbow Eucalyptus

    The rainbow eucalyptus is an evergreen tree with bark that peels away to reveal an amazing rainbow of colors. It is fast growing at about 6 ft. a year and can attain a height in excess of 50 ft. It is cold tolerant, provides shade and is a fantastic large specimen tree for the landscape.

  • Japanese Fern Tree

    Japanese Fern Tree

    The Japanese fern tree is an evergreen small to medium-size tree typically reaching 20 ft.tall and wide. The tree has a rounded canopy with fern-like leaves giving it a very tropical appearance. This beautiful tree will provide shade and is a wonderful specimen tree for the landscape.

  • Angel Mist Bamboo

    Angel Mist Bamboo

    Angel Mist is a beautiful, cold-hardy, clumping bamboo. This is a non-invasive bamboo and makes a stunning specimen with a vase-shaped form growing to 30’. It has pretty, light-blue 3” canes and can provide shade as well as privacy. Grows best in full sun to partial shade.

  • Bamboo Gracilis

    Bamboo Gracilis

    Graceful Bamboo (B. Textilis Gracilis) Graceful bamboo is a beautiful, upright clumping bamboo. It has a soft, graceful appearance and makes a superior privacy hedge or as a stand-alone specimen. Graceful has 1 ¼ canes with a very dense and narrow form full to the ground. It prefers full sun to part shade; is very cold tolerant growing to around 20 to 25 feet tall and 6 to 7’ wide. We have several specimens in our bamboo garden for our customers to view.

  • Bay Rum Tree

    Bay Rum Tree

    The Bay Rum Tree (pimenta racemosa) is a beautiful small specimen tree reaching 20 feet in height at maturity. This pretty, evergreen tree is well-known for its wonderful dark green fragrant leaves and full, dense canopy. The bay rum is a medium growth tree with medium watering needs. The leaves of the bay rum tree can be used for cooking or tea and the flaking bark is unique and cool! Best in full sun to light shade and is considered a zone 10a to 11 and easy to grow.

  • Carambola 'star fruit'

    Carambola 'star fruit'

    The Carambola tree is a small and wonderful edible fruit tree . It is evergreen, growing moderately to 12 feet with a symmetrical, rounded form. The tree is cold tolerant (zones 9b to 11) and a prolific producer delicious, yellow/orange fruit from August to March. The fruit has a sweet citrus taste and is used fresh, in salads, as garnishes, and in drinks. *Visit our starfruit tree in our tropical fruit garden.

  • Carolina Sapphire Cypress

    Carolina Sapphire Cypress

    CAROLINA SAPPHIRE (Cupressus gabra) is a stunning large shrub with beautiful fine, silver foliage. Its leaves are fragrant and makes a tall hedge or as a specimen focal plant. It is cold and drought tolerant, easy to shape and likes full sun. It has a natural Christmas tree form and can reach 20’+ or trimmed to keep smaller. We have several specimens in our gardens to view.

  • Drift Rose

    Drift Rose

    Drift Rose is a wonderful small rose growing to 24" in height. It blooms most of the year with very little care and makes a great border plant with color. Several colors are available including white, peach, coral and red. It is extremely cold tolerant and can tolerate our hot and humid summers.

  • Michelia 'Alba'

    Michelia 'Alba'

    Michelia 'Alba' is known as the Joy Perfume tree because its beautifully, fragrant blooms are used to make the perfume. It is evergreen and grows to about 20 feet tall.

  • Dwarf Poinciana

    Dwarf Poinciana

    This ornamental, small tree has amazing, colorful, orange and yellow blooms spring,summer and fall. It is a wonderful nectar source for hummingbirds and butterflies. It is deciduous in cold weather and has profuse seed pods.

  • East Palatka Holly Tree

    East Palatka Holly Tree

    East Palatka Holly is a Florida Native holly, columnar in shape. Exceptionally cold and drought tolerant, it is a wonderful addition to a garden wishing to attract birds. It has bright red berries during the winter, with dark green leaves. It grows slowly to 20'+ and can be a great accent plant or used for privacy.

  • Farfugium


    Farfugium 'Tractor Seat' has large, glossy, green leaves and yellow daisy like flowers. This plant is about two feet tall and prefers the shade. Very cold hardy.

  • Florida Flame Vine

    Florida Flame Vine

    The Florida Flame Vine is one of the most stunning Florida vines blooming from mid-winter through Spring. Its brilliant, long, orange flowers beckon butterflies and curious neighbors. It has evergreen foliage, and is cold-hardy and drought tolerant. See our Florida Flame Vine in full bloom.

  • Brunfelsia 'Lady of the Night'

    Brunfelsia 'Lady of the Night'

    Lady of the Night has year round, amazingly fragrant, white blooms that fade to pale yellow. It can be maintained at 4 to 5 feet and grows in full sun to medium shade. It Is our favorite fragrant shrub. Plant is near a walkway or lanai in order to frequently catch whiffs of its fragrance.

  • Mexican Flame Vine

    Mexican Flame Vine

    The Mexican Flame Vine is an evergreen, cold-tolerant vine with brilliant daisy-like flowers throughout the year. It is a hardy, easy to grow vine that can reach 10 feet or so. This is a great nectar plant for butterflies and a good choice to grow on a fence, arbor or trellis. It is very hardy and prefers full sun to partial shade.

  • Queen's Wreath Vine

    Queen's Wreath Vine

    Petrea volubilis is a twining vine with rough green leaves and spectacular blooms spring to early summer. Can be trained as a small tree.

  • Pindo Palm

    Pindo Palm

    The Pindo Palm is an extremely cold tolerant, ornamental small palm tree. It has gorgeous silver-blue fronds with a graceful canopy growing slowly to 15' in height. It is a perfect specimen for an decorative island or to provide some privacy. It is able to withstand temperatures is the teens and requires little care.

  • Sweet Acacia Tree

    Sweet Acacia Tree

    This unique, small Florida native tree grows to 15 feet. It has tiny leaves giving it a wispy and sculptural form. It produces yellow, puff ball, fragrant flowers intermittently during the year with a profuse burst of flowers in late fall. We recommend it be used as a “see thru” tree as to not block a view. It is hardy and cold tolerant with thorny branches.

  • Verawood Tree

    Verawood Tree

    Bulnesia arborea ‘Verawood’ is beautiful evergreen, medium-sized tree with pretty yellow/orange flowers during the warm months. It has leaves that are dense and topical in appearance with a spreading, rounded canopy reminiscent of the locust tree up north. The Verawood is cold tolerant a moderate to fast growth rate that grows 20 to 30 feet. It creates great shade; prefers sunny conditions to light shade and is drought and salt tolerant. One of our favorites!

  • Virgin Palm

    Virgin Palm

    VIRGIN PALM (Dioon edule) The Virgin Palm is a beautiful small palm with a blue/green upright form. Use it as a focal plant to achieve a very tropical appearance in smaller areas. It is cold and drought tolerant and grows very slowly to be 5 to 8 feet in several years. It is very easy to maintain and a very useful palm. It can tolerate full sun to light shade and can make a great container plant.

  • Weeping Podocarpus

    Weeping Podocarpus

    This evergreen, medium to large tree is absolutely stunning. With a weeping appearance, this Podocarpus grows equally well in shade or full sun. Extremely cold-tolerant, we like to place it as a striking specimen to create interest and texture in the landscape. It has very slow growth, is easy to grow, and many comment that it has an oriental appearance.

  • Bromeliads


    The colorful bromeliads are wonderful plants for adding a tropical flair to the landscape. There are numerous cultivars. Some thrive in full sun and others will require a shady spot in the garden.

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