The gray blue foliage of a silver buttonwood contrasts with the native firebush.

I love to create year round visual interest in my garden by intentional placement of plants that have contrasting leaf shape, size, color, texture, density and pattern.  By juxtaposing plants with a variety of contrasting foliages, the visual characteristics of the plants are further emphasized and the landscape becomes a composition of color and texture.  The seasonal flowers of the plants may come and go and certainly the flower color is a consideration but the visual appeal of the landscape will last year round when forethought has been given to combining plants with contrasting foliage.

When assessing possible additions to a landscape, gardeners should step back and view the landscape from a distance.  If it looks like green, green and more green, one may want to think about selecting plants that will add contrasting leaf color and texture to the design.   There are many plants with different foliage colors and shapes that can be easily incorporated into an existing design.

DSCN1144 (960x1280) Blue Vase and Thai CT (960x1280) Farfugium (960x1280)