Fabulous Fragrance in the Garden

Fragrant flowers and aromatic foliage add to our garden enjoyment by giving us pleasure as we take in the wonderful fragrances they produce. The primary purpose of scent in flowers is to attract pollinators (usually insects) for fertilization. Biology aside, we just love breathing in the richly fragrant air that tells us the citrus trees, jasmines, gardenias, etc. are blooming. Place a fragrant plant near a lanai, patio or walkway and it will be a reminder to stop and “take time to smell the roses”.

Some of our favorite plants for fragrance:
Allspice Tree, Pimenta Dioica
Angel’s Trumpet, Brugmansia spp.
Arabian Jasmine, Jasminum Sanbac
Banana Shrub, Michelia Figo
Bay Rum Tree, Pimenta Dioica
Confederate Jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminiodes
Fiddlewood, Citharexylum Fruticosum
Gardenia, Gardenia Jasminoids, several varieties
Japanese Honeysuckle, Lonicera Japonica
Joy Perfume Tree, Michelia Alba
Lady of the Night, Brunsfelsia Nitida
Morning, Noon, Night, Brunsfelsia Floribunda
Rangoon Creeper, Quisqualis indica
Roses, Rosa spp., many fragrant varieties
Simpson Stopper, Myrcianthes fragrans
Sweet Acasia, Acacia FarnesianaMichelia figo, Banana Shrub
Sweet Almond, Alosia Virgata
Tea Olive, Osmanthus Fragrans

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