Fabulous Fragrance in the Garden

Fragrant flowers and aromatic foliage add to our garden enjoyment by giving us pleasure as we take in the wonderful fragrances they produce. The primary purpose of scent in flowers is to attract pollinators (usually insects) for fertilization. Biology aside, we just love breathing in the richly fragrant air that tells us the citrus trees, […]

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Creating a Bird Habitat

The importance of attracting birds to our urban and suburban landscapes is often overlooked. Birds play a vital role in our sensitive eco-systems not to mention the beauty and pleasure derived from watching and listening to them in our gardens. Planting a garden or landscape that will attract birds to your yard is as simple as

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Butterfly Gardening

Visitors to Riverland Nursery are amazed at the number of butterflies in our gardens. Creating a landscape or garden that attracts and nurtures butterflies is a rewarding and exciting experience. In order to successfully attract butterflies and have them stay in the garden, both nectar and larval food plants are needed. The colorful nectar flowers

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Salt Tolerant Plants

Many homeowners in Southwest Florida live very near the Gulf of Mexico and other places with elevated salinity levels, which can adversely affect plant success.  Wells that have experienced some degree of saltwater intrusion can also present planting challenges.  It may be useful to test your well water and to take soil samples.  We have found that many

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What Is A Sustainable Plant or Landscape?

Florida’s unique climate of intense rain, heat and humidity during the summer, followed by a lengthy dry season can create a daunting challenge for those wishing to establish successful gardens and landscapes. Riverland Nursery embraces the concept of sustainability which is the practical application of designing and selecting plant material that will flourish in our

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Poisonous Plants

We are often asked about plants which may be poisonous to pets, livestock or horses. There are several listings of toxic plants available online but they are lengthy and encompass many plants that aren’t grown in SW Florida. This is a list of plants that are considered poisonous to dogs and cats to some degree

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Using Trees for Energy Conservation

It is estimated that the potential value of “low energy” landscapes can result in a 20-30% reduction in total energy consumption. A major benefit of landscaping is to limit solar radiation on windows and exterior walls. In South Florida during the five-month period from mid-May to mid-September, temperatures exceed human comfort levels. Trees are the

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