Using Trees for Energy Conservation

It is estimated that the potential value of “low energy” landscapes can result in a 20-30% reduction in total energy consumption. A major benefit of landscaping is to limit solar radiation on windows and exterior walls. In South Florida during the five-month period from mid-May to mid-September, temperatures exceed human comfort levels. Trees are the most effective form of plant material for limiting solar radiation. Proper placement should ensure maximum shading. Tree shade can be most effective on the surfaces of east and west sides of residences. Deciduous trees can be used effectively during winter months (Nov – February) when the warming effect of the sun can be beneficial.*

We believe that trees are underused in Florida and have a large and varied selection of trees. Come and visit to view and evaluate the best tree options for your home.

*Information courtesy of the Dept. of Environmental Horticulture, IFAS, University of Florida.

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