Bamboo in the Landscape

Bamboo GardenWe have grown to appreciate non-running (Clumping) bamboo as an exceptionally useful and attractive plant choice, providing unique beauty and great privacy. Clumping bamboo grow vertically to reach their full height in just a few years.

Bamboo is hardy and requires little maintenance once established. Some of our favorite cold tolerant and non-running varieties include Angel Mist, Asian Lemon, Blue Chungii, Black Timor, Dwarf Buddha Belly, Gideon’s Blue, Graceful Bamboo, and Seabreeze.

We are testing several newer bamboo varieties in our bamboo garden. We are especially excited about Sacred Bali which is considered one of the world’s most beautiful bamboo; boniopsis and subtrancuta, which have a very dense form and stay small; black diamond which is a beautiful smaller black bamboo; Malay variegated bamboo with beautiful foliage, Ying Yang and emerald with a beautiful erect form and pretty canes.

We have an extensive selection of bamboo in various sizes. Come and see our bamboo garden, with bamboo hedges and beautiful specimen bamboo to learn why we believe the use of bamboo will increasingly be found in the coolest SW Florida landscapes!

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